Recruitment and Cultivation for the Graduates of year 2017

To meet the rapid development and business expansion of the corporation, upgrade the employee structure, construct the team of talents, we will recruit a large number of potential graduates in the college and university , then cultivate them overall, make them become the professionals who are qualified for related skill and can undertake responsibility individually. It also aims to provide back-up talents resource for the development of the corporation, thus achieving the strategy of saving and developing the talents. Mainly aims to the graduates of year 2017 by channels of recruitment on website, in college or university and recommendation from the campus.
  1. For the domestic business: 10 sales, 10 customer services, 5 operators
    – Loves to work in logistics and forwarders industry, also bears a deep recognition for the development of this industry.
    – Open personality, careful in thinking , good ability to communicate with others.
    – Teamwork spirit, strong sense in the goal and planning in work.
    – Cultivation schedule

    Route for Sales
    Junior sales; intermediate sales; senior sales; head of sales; manage of sales; manager of branch office.

    Route for operator
    Documentation clerk; operator; customer service; head of department; manager of branch office.
  2. For the overseas business: 5 overseas customer service, 5 overseas development
    – Good insight into the market, ability to dig and maintain customer.
    – Good ability to read, write and speak in English, communicate with foreign customers fluently.
    – Teamwork spirit, strong sense for the goal and plan in work.
    – Cultivation schedule

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