19.12.2016 Moro Wins the Title called Class A Corporation of Ningbo Shipping and Logistics Industry in Credit Evaluation < back to news

According to the strategy of Ningbo to expedite to build up a strong seaport globally, also to carry out the notification from Ningbo Government Office about establishing the social credit system and cultivating the industrial environment which is honest, healthy and harmonic, the Ningbo Market Supervision Bureau, Ningbo Government Seaports and Anti-Smuggle Office begin the credit evaluation to the corporations in shipping and logistics industry as per the related notification for it. (The detailed work is processed by the originally-called Market Supervision Bureau of Jiangdong District). Meanwhile, by the way of building up industrial credit together with government and industrial association, also under support of the 3rd party socially, the stipulation of credit evaluation for shipping and logistics corporation in Ningbo (on-trial) is made by Ningbo Shipping Exchange Stock, Ningbo International Forwarding Association and Ningbo International Multi-Modal Association on the basis of broad research. Related departments just fulfill a comprehensive evaluation to 645 corporations of shipping and logistics who are in general running. Then they determine 52 Class-A corporations, 589 Class-B corporations, 12 Class-C corporations and 1 Class-D corporation after consulting to the departments such as Ningbo Customs, Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Ningbo National / Local Taxation Bureau etc.

Class-A corporations:

Zhejiang Sinotrans Co.,Ltd, Ningbo Mingzhou Branch

Ningbo Waiyun International Container & Shipping Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Yizhou Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Jianda International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang Sinotrans Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Fanyang International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Ruida International Forwarding Co.,LTd.

Moro Logitstics Co.,Ltd.

Dasheng Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Jianhang International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo COSCO Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Gangdongnan Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo GUOHUA International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Zhongxin Guomao Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Longxing Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Huanji Supply-Chain Management Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Tianxiang Container Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Gangzhonglv Huamao International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang Sinotrans Co.,Ltd.Ningbo Yongtong Branch

Ningbo Shida Shipping Co.,Ltd.

Jiahong International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.Ningbo Branch

Zhejiang Xinggang International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Sinotrans Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Yisheng International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Guangbosai International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Puhao International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Waidai Xinhua International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Tianshili International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Tianhang International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Kaifan International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.Ningbo Branch

Zhejiang Yongtai Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang Sinotrans Co.,Ltd Ningbo Losgistic Branch

Zhejiang Sinotrans Co.,Ltd Ningbo Fanhai Branch

Ningbo Shenyang Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Tenghui Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Yaxiya Container shipping Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Jicheng Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Xinlin Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang Sinotrans Co.,Ltd Ningbo Shipping Branch

Ningbo Aobona International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Shibang International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang Sinotrans Co.,Ltd Ningbo Fanzhou Branch

Ningbo Gangxing International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang Jiulong International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Renfeng International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang Yuanyang Co.,ltd of Ningbo International Forwarding

Ningbo Xinzhuang Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Waiyun International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Henyi International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Taidi International Forwarding Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang Zhaoyun Combined Logistics Co.,Ltd.

List for B/C/D corporations pls check the Wechat: Ningbo Shipping ,Wechat no: nbhyz

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